Our Mission

             The Federation of St. Edmund’s & St. Patrick’s

We come to a Roman Catholic School and so believe that Jesus was born, died and rose again for everyone.  We aim to help, encourage and show God’s way to our families, making sure that our Catholic traditions and faith are kept alive.  Each year at school, we learn a little bit more about our faith so that we can all grow to love God and each other more.


To help focus our minds on how to achieve our Mission Statement, we have separated it into three different areas; Family, Faith and Relationships.


We aim to support and guide our families


  • We invite all who come through our doors to experience the warmth and love of God.
  • We invite family members to participate in acts of collective worship, recognising the importance of their help throughout our Journey in Faith.
  • We welcome children and families of all faiths. We celebrate and embrace our differences.
  • We help our families through Caritas and we know who we can turn to when we need help and guidance.
  • We provide opportunities for our parents to get involved in our learning through parents’ meetings, events and homework.
  • We support our local community as well those who are less fortunate in other countries.
  • Through Caritas in Action, we learn to be Ambassadors for change.
  • Our older pupils (Chaplains, Prefects & JLT) are role models to our younger children, helping them to follow the Gospel Values.
  • We learn how to build our own self-esteem and strengthen our resilience so that we have ‘happy minds.’


We aim to keep our Catholic traditions and faith alive


  • When we celebrate the Sacraments we are supported by the teachers, our catechists, family, clergy, the Presentation Sisters and parish.
  • We celebrate Mass regularly. We mark special occasions in the Liturgical year such as feast days.
  • On a Friday we abstain from eating meat to show reverence to Our Lord.
  • We create and reflect upon prayer, participating in the liturgy, celebrating and learning through assemblies, Masses and Prayer and Worship.
  • Our Chaplains provide a quiet and reflective environment for children to participate in prayer.


We aim to grow in knowledge, love of God and each other



  • We have a mutual respect for each other and appreciate the contribution each individual makes to the life of the school.
  • We learn about other faiths, cultures and traditions in our curriculum. We celebrate and embrace our differences.
  • Our learning is enhanced by the effective planning and preparation of the curriculum which values our contribution and achievements.
  • When we respond to our teachers’ marking, we reflect upon and evaluate our work so that we can extend our understanding.
  • As a school community, we come together each week to celebrate our achievements in our celebration assembly.
  • We are rewarded with house points when we put our Gospel Values into practice.
  • Through our Gospel Values, we try our best to forgive, forget and move on.
  • By understanding the British Rule of Law, we establish a high standard of morals, underpinned by our Gospel Values.
  • We recognise our rights and how to recognise the rights of other pupils and are working towards becoming a Rights Respecting School.
  • Calm, considerate & concentrated atmospheres are created because we have positive relationships with everyone in our school.


Reviewed & approved by children, staff & governors in September 2018

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St Edmund's R.C. Primary School

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