Our Gospel Values

Gospel Values

Gospel values are what Jesus said, what Jesus did and what He told us to do. They are at the root of Catholic social teaching and so they are what we abide by behaving towards others here at St. Edmund's. All of the Gospel values begin with and ‘derive from Jesus’ Law of Love and are a perfect example for how our children should be. 

They are the following:

Respect for the Life and Dignity of Each Individual

wTrust in God






wServant Leadership






I have grouped them under the following headings with explanations of how they meet certain values.



I am following Jesus' example of LOVE when I show SELF-CONTROL, PATIENCE, TOLERANCE and EMPATHY by

  • Speaking and acting calmly and kindly
  • Listening carefully
  • Participating prayerfully during liturgy, prayer and while celebrating Mass
  • Playing games fairly
  • Being patient with other people
  • Making right choices
  • Taking responsibility for my wrong choices
  • Forgiving ourselves and others for mistakes



I am following Jesus' example of LOVE when I show UNITY, KINDNESS, COMPASSION and SERVICE by

  • Learning and playing with others peacefully, cooperatively and inclusively.
  • Working co-cooperatively with others, joining in and doing my part
  • Using words of encouragement and kindness
  • Including others, respecting all cultural traditions
  • Being aware of others' needs and generously taking action to make a difference
  • http://www.tcdsb.org/schools/straphael/AboutUs/PublishingImages/play%20grow.jpgJoining in and celebrating faithfully and prayerfully
  • Showing forgiveness to others



I am following Jesus' example of LOVE when I show PERSEVERANCE, HOPE, COMMITMENT and EXCELLENCE by

  • Living and acting with faith, and trusting that things will turn out for the best
  • Learning with hope, focusing my attention fully on my learning, and completing what I start
  • Setting goals and working hard to reach them even when it is hard
  • Continually striving to be the best I can be
  • Being open to God's love and sharing it with others
  • Helping others feel hope by supporting them
  • Asking for help when I'm not sure
  • Waiting to take my turn



I am following Jesus' example of LOVE when I show ENTHUSIASM, HOPE, PASSION CREATIVITY, and DETERMINATION by

  • Being joyful and excited about my learning.
  • Developing and extending my special God given gifts and talents, in creative ways
  • Being an excited follower and participant in our faith



I am following Jesus' example of LOVE when I show RESPECT, FORGIVENESS, HONESTY and JUSTICE by

  • Treating others as I want to be treated
  • Acting politely, and showing tika, pono and aroha
  • Standing up for what is right and just.
  • Being open, trustworthy, truthful and honest
  • Asking for forgiveness and sincerely apologising
  • Showing stewardship by caring for our environment


Pupils demonstrating our values in their words and actions will be rewarded with a house point. The rewarding of house points will highlight the importance of each individual’s behaviour and the impact they have within their house team. This will encourage the importance of unity.

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