Literacy homework and spellings are given out on Mondays to be returned for Thursday, complete with spelling sentences unless otherwise specified.

Numeracy homework is given out on a Friday and should be returned on a Monday morning. Children should be continuing to practice their times tables throughout the year as it is very important that they roll off the tip of their tongue!

Book bags and readings books must be brought to school every day. Children need to be reading their schools book at least 3 times per week. Additional reading can also include books from home and magazines. Please encourage your child to record these in their reading diaries. We appreciate parent’s comments in the home/ school diary so that we can monitor how each child is progressing at home. Your child will also benefit greatly from someone questioning them about their book. 

Remember children;

  • Homework is your responsibility and NOT your Mum’s or Dad’s.
  • We give you homework to build on your independence and responsibility so that you are better prepared for the world beyond St. Edmund’s.