E-Learning Code of Conduct

As part of our curriculum, we encourage pupils to make use of educational resources available on the internet. Access to the internet enables pupils to conduct research and obtain high quality educational resources from libraries, museums, galleries and other information sources from around the world.

Safeguarding our children is of the utmost importance. To guard against accidental access to materials which are inappropriate in school, St. Edmund’s access the internet by means of Manchester Education Wide Area Network (MEWAN) this provides an appropriately filtered service. However, it is not possible to provide a 100% assurance that pupils might not accidentally come across material which would be inappropriate. Therefore, because they access the internet, we would like all pupils to discuss the E-learning Code of Conduct document below with their parents/guardians.

We believe that the educational benefits to pupils from access to the internet, in the form of information resources, far outweigh the potential disadvantages.

During lesson time, teachers will guide pupils toward specific materials and educational resources, whilst informing them of the dangers of the internet. We also have ‘Hector the dolpin’. He is an icon which is on the screen when pupils are using the internet. We teach the children that if they are at all uncomfortable with anything they see or read, they should click on Hector. This immediately blocks the screen and pupils can then alert staff. In addition to this, our internet has a firewall for content filtering and blocks the majority of inappropriate content. If any site is deemed to contain inappropriate material, the page can also be added to the block list to prevent access. As our firewall is education based, it already blocks the inappropriate material that is not suitable for pupils, to enable them to use the internet safely.

Where pupils are given permission to access the internet outside lessons they must agree to access only those sites that are appropriate for use in school and use the E-learning resources appropriately.

Also at the bottom of this page you will find a document called Game Awareness. This is a document informing parents about the different signs and symbols that can be found on computer game boxes to ensure that their children are playing games that are appropriate for their age.