Pupils are assessed against the 2014 National Curriculum Programmes of Study for each subject taught. Pupils are expected to attain the ‘Age Related Expectations’ (ARE) by the end of each school year.

Progress made towards these ‘ARE’ is assessed in our school in three ways:

  • In-school formative assessment, which is used by teachers to evaluate pupils’ knowledge and understanding on a day-to-day basis and to tailor teaching accordingly.
  • In-school summative assessment for English and Mathematics, which enables teachers to evaluate how much a pupil has learned at the end of a teaching period.
  • Nationally standardised summative assessment for English and Mathematics, which is used by the Government to hold schools to account. These are tests sat by the pupils at the end of Year 2 and at the end of Year 6.


The school uses summative assessment tests in English and Maths that provide teachers and parents with information about whether individual pupils are below, within or above the expected level of attainment for a child of that age. These summative tests will take place on a termly basis and aim to track the progress of individual pupils towards reaching the Age Related Expectations by the end of each year group.

Individual pupil attainment will be scored on a stanine of 1-9 and a stanine of 5 is the ‘Age Related Expectation’ by the end of that particular age group. Therefore, if a pupil has reached stanine 5 by the summer assessment week, then he/she has achieved the ‘age related expectation.’

Current Attainment

Well below

Below average


Above average

Well above











You can view our performance in comparison to the local and national average using this link