Assessment in Year 6, scary? Not so much…

As our previous students will tell you, the SATS are nothing to worry about. Yes, they are extremely important tests but you will not be tackling them alone!

In a partnership between your mums and dads, yourselves and I, we work hard to ensure that you achieve your very best and your full potential. We do this with lots of exciting teaching and learning, booster sessions and lots of homework activities. It is very important that you do not worry, remember, we are all in it together!

In Year 6 aside from the SAT tests which the children sit in May time, the children are also formally assessed on two other occasions; at the end of the autumn and spring terms. During this time, we have what we call assessment week where children are assessed on their knowledge and understanding of what has been taught in the previous weeks. The results of these are used by teachers to ensure that your child is making the progress that they deserve.